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We are very excited to announce a major update for Infokiosk Creator! With version 1.2.0, we have introduced exciting new features, enhanced functionality, and addressed various bugs to further streamline your experience. Read on to explore the key improvements in the Editing screen and Publishing screen of Infokiosk Creator 1.2.0:

Highlighted changes and updates:

Editing screen:

  • Added a convenient slider to quickly select different license levels (Lite, Standard, Pro) above the widget panel.
  • Moved the URL filter field to Global Web Settings for more centralized control.
  • Introducing a Media Library refresh button, allowing you to effortlessly update media files used in your projects.
  • Access our tutorials easily with the new HELP icon in the toolbar, linking directly to our YouTube channel.
  • Enhanced PDF functionality with the addition of a Fit checkbox, giving you more control over PDF display.
  • Added Group feature that enables you to easily edit multiple widgets with one click

Publishing screen:

  • Save time with the improved Publish screen that remembers your publish settings, eliminating the need to select them repeatedly.
  • Enhanced LAN publishing by displaying a warning message if the player login for the project is incorrect.


Other changes and updates:

  • URL filtering settings are now global, affecting every Web widget in the project
  • Files that must be downloaded but can be opened in the Web widget will now open even if no downloads are allowed
  • The filename of a published project now contains the Infokiosk Creator version, date and time of publication
  • Image Pop-up has the option to fit the aspect ratio while scaling the widget
  • PDF Pop-up has the option to fit the aspect ratio while scaling the widget
  • 1-page PDF files no longer have redundant page selection on the bottom
  • Paired widgets are both copied when one is copied
  • Paired widgets are now both deleted if one is
  • Widget Web no longer allows external application selection dialog in Windows
  • A Tutorials button has been added to the main menu, which points directly to the page where the official tutorials for Infokiosk Creator are uploaded
  • The position of the close button in the popups has been changed and unified to the top right corner
  • Added option to lock the widget’s size and position, but still allows editing of the widget’s content


In addition to these exciting updates, we have also resolved numerous bugs, ensuring improved stability and performance across the board.

Infokiosk Creator 1.2.0 is a major release that empowers you to create exceptional interactive experiences with ease. Upgrade now and take advantage of these new features to enhance your projects.

We are very excited to announce a major update for Infokiosk Player! With version 1.2.0, we have introduced exciting changes to the pricing and licensing options, along with enhanced functionality. Read on to discover the key updates in Infokiosk Player 1.2.0:

Pricing and Licensing Update:

  • Lite Version: Infokiosk Player now offers a Lite version starting at an affordable price of only 89€. This lifetime license provides basic functionality without cloud support and interactive widgets.
  • Standard Version: Upgrade to the Standard version for 99€ per year, which includes Infokiosk Cloud support, as well as compatibility with Google Drive and OneDrive. Enjoy the convenience of cloud storage and synchronization for your projects.
  • Pro Version: The flagship license, priced at 179€, is the Pro version. It encompasses all the features of the Standard version, while also supporting interactive projects and offering advanced cloud and remote management capabilities.


With these updated pricing and licensing options, Infokiosk Player caters to a range of needs, ensuring that you can choose the perfect license for your requirements.

Infokiosk Player 1.2.0 delivers an enhanced playback experience, offering seamless integration with projects created in Infokiosk Creator. Upgrade now to unlock a world of possibilities for your interactive displays.

We are very excited to announce the release of Infokiosk Creator!