Software PLAYER displays graphic content on a LCD screen.

Player needs to be installed on a media player. As an Media player can be used any computer with Windows or Linux operating system. ( We deliver Media player with Linux with software PLAYER only as a complete SET).

Software PLAYER is compatible with CREATOR. It displays content of all of widgets, without additional settings.

Content may be distributed to software PLAYER:

  1. Via „internet“ – by remote administration with using of your own FTP server 
  2. Via USB flash drive
  3. Directly to the media player , if the media player is connected to the same local network as an CREATOR software 

If the graphical content is distributed via internet, it is necessary to choose and setup an FTP server which from the upload will be done. You need to setup at which time download of content will starts. Uploaded content will automatically starts playing.


Graphical content can be distributed to media player directly from a USB drive. In this case, it is necessary to plug in the USB drive while software PLAYER is running, the content will be updated and play of content will starts automatically.


If graphic content is updated via local LAN, it will starts to play imediatelly when download is finished to media player.


Software PLAYER installed on a media player with OS LINUX, allows you to setup turn ON and turn OFF on the media player for each day separately.


Software PLAYER installed on a media player with OS WINDOWS, alllows you to setup  turn OFF  individually  for each day. Due to limited BIOS settings setup of turn ON have to be the same for every day.

MINIMAL system requirements for SOFTWARE PLAYER

Reccomended system requirements for SOFTWARE PLAYER

* Player may also works with different system configuration, however, at low computer performance, certain operations such as video compression, playback of more than 1 video or PDF document may be significantly slower.

*guaranteed smooth playback of demanding content. Plays up to 6 FullHD videos at once, on one page.


Licence - 1 year

Licence - 2 year

Licence - 3 year