Infokiosk Media Player

Media player ensure to display graphic content on connected  LCD screen or a projector. In this case  you can use as an media player your computer. We recommend to use a „slim“ computer  with Windows OS, thanks to its small size and sufficient performance. If you would like to play content created by CREATOR, you need to install the PLAYER software into your Media player.



You can choose from a wide range of mini-computers with Windows OS to meet your demands. You can choose any computer with adequate processor performance, starting from 5th generation of Intel i3, i5, i7. Your choice will directly affect the price and performance of the media player.


Media player LITE use a Raspberry Pi mini-computer. We offer this Media player only as a SET with pre-installed PLAYER software.


This type of media player is popular thanks to its compact size and a low price. The media player offers smooth playback if you use images and max. one video on page as an content. If you use two or more videos at the same time, we don´t guarantee smooth playback of content. 

Media player is equipped with 2 micro-HDMI outputs, 4 USB ports and an ethernet port, it can also be equipped with GSM module for LTE connection capability.