We create products that are understandable, intuitive and creative, but still easy to use.
Our work makes us happy, make yourself happy as well
We´ve tried 10s of solution, but we were still missing something, so we´ve decided to create our own.
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Software to create, play and edit content for an advertising screen.

Would you like to make your service more visible?

Would you like to present your product ?

Would you like to provide your information impressively ?

Would you like to present your content in an attractive way ?

We have a solution for you.

You only need a few pictures or videos, you are ready to create a nice content for your advertising LCD screen by yourself really easilly.

Engaging electronic poster

in a shop, travel agency

Modern notice board

In school, administration office

Interactive trailer

In a hotel, restaurant, pharmacy, fitness centre, doctor´s waiting room

Electronic official board

In the city centre, administration office, on the square

Attractive information presentation

In tourist information centre, in a museum

Promo video

Simply create

Would you like to try it ?

It‘s really easy to use and interesting.


What advantages does our solution offer?

Remote administration


We have collected quantity of experiences. We are ready to pass it to you.

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Easy to create content and remote administration